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Patriot opens at California’s Great America

Patriot, California’s Great America first floorless roller coaster in the park’s history opens today! In an amazingly fun event, California’s Great America discussed  their plans to extend the park and introduce a new entertainment district. Sounds like it would be a real game changer for the whole area and I’m excited about the future of the park.

Patriot itself, in its previous incarnation was known as Vortex, which was a stand up roller coaster. CA Great America has perfected this ride, matched the already great track of Vortex with a new ride vehicle. With your feet dangling just inches above the track, it feels awesome and is, in fact, a completely new experience! Well done , Great America!

The opening ceremony was impressive and emotional as members of the US army honored the occasion and were present to become the first riders ever to enjoy Patriot. Snoopy greeted everyone at the entrance with his fancy patriotic outfit and super cute charm and was a part of the ceremony itself. It was so much fun!

Can’t wait to learn what CA Great America has in store for us next! The future looks bright for the park.



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