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The LEGO BATMAN Movie Days at LEGOLAND Florida

Admittedly, I’ve been looking for an excuse to revisit LEGOLAND Florida, ever since my last visit when the park celebrated The LEGO 4D movie weekend event. It was an amazing event and since then, a completely new themed zone opened- LEGO NINJAGO World and LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS 4D debuted. I enjoyed the new LEGO BATMAN movie immensely and as a huge LEGO and Batman fan I was filled with excitement to hear about The LEGO BATMAN Movie Days, an event that marks the dark knight’s LEGO movie debut. It was the perfect time to go! — It’s important to note that this a very time limited and exclusive event and the next one will be March 11-12.

As you enter the park, you are greeted with Batman themes playing in background which set the perfect mood to start your adventure.

So what is the event all about? Here are the highlights:

Meet LEGO BATMAN Market Plaza

This the star of the whole event. A chance to meet LEGO BATMAN!

The man of the hour was as popular in the park as he is in the movie. Everyone wanted to meet him and take their picture taken. It was a hugely poplar opportunity all throughout the day. LEGO BATMAN was charming and playful and you get a cute LEGO BATMAN mask after you meet up with him (yes, I kept it as a cool souvenir!).

LEGO Joker Build

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Ever wondered how those huge gorgeous looking LEGO statues are being made? This is your chance to discover that, as a larger than life colorful statue of everyone’s favorite villain, the Joker is getting built before your very own eyes. The master builder is there to answer any questions and the audience can participate in the process. I really liked how they show a small version of the Joker as the huge statue is being built. This was so cute seeing one next to the other!

LEGO Bat-Signal Scavenger Hunt

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This was a brilliant idea. MINILAND USA is impressive as it is, but when I did the scavenger hunt I got to discover even more interesting details that I’ve never noticed before. The challenge is to keep track and count all the Bat-Signals you encounter. That may sound easy – but it was very challenging to keep track of all those Bat-Signals and tricky to find some of them! I hope I got the right number as there is a prize for getting the right one. It was so much fun!


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This a sort of puzzle, a picture on a canvas that is revealed slowly by placing matching LEGO bricks. Nice to see how this pixelated picture is fully displayed at the end of the day.

New attractions at LEGOLAND Florida – LEGO NINJAGO WORLD

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This a brand new zone at LEGOLAND Florida with several small outdoor attractions and its undeniable star- the terrific LEGO NINJAGO The Ride inside a beautiful LEGO shrine. The ride itself is an interactive, moving shooting gallery type ride that you can use your hands to shoot at the different enemies instead of weapons. This was a very interesting, unique concept and it was incredibly entraining to experience. Once you go outside the attraction you can find Nya, who comes to greet the guests at specific times.

LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS 4D: The Book of Creativity

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This is the second new addition the LEGOLAND Florida. In this 4D adventure you get to join the five knights in an action packed battle against Jestro and additional monsters and colorful foes. The 3D effect is very convincing (why don’t 3D movies in the theaters look like that?!) and the sound is just amazing. I would say this movie is on par with The LEGO Movie 4D: A New Adventure so it’s a good idea to see them both. It’s also worth mentioning you can actually meet one of the knights when you leave the theater. How cool is that?

Exclusive Merchandize

For those who collect LEGO figurines, some special exclusive items are given during the time of the event- the awesome BATMAN UNIVERSE PACK with a $30 purchase of LEGO building sets in Big Shop or Studio Store and annual pass holders can also get a very cute KISS KISS TUXEDO BATMAN KEYCHAIN with any LEGO Batman purchase over $10.

So how was it?

If you’re a LEGO fan and a Batman fan – this absolutely an amazing time to visit LEGOLAND Florida and a rare chance to meet the guy himself – LEGO BATMAN. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to experience LEGOLAND Florida’s latest additions. This a very time limited event with the next one happening on March 11-12, so be sure not to miss it!

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