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Everything IS awesome with LEGO Movie 4D Weekends in LEGOLAND Florida


Let me start off by saying: I’m a huge LEGO fan. Growing up building Transformers, cars and buildings and then later- playing LEGO video games- LEGO has a special place in my heart. I really liked the LEGO Movie as well. That’s why I was super excited to learn that LEGOLAND Florida is celebrating its LEGO Movie 4D premiere with a weekend event.


The LEGO Movie 4D Weekends is taking place in LEGOLAND Florida every Saturday and Sunday, until February 28th. So what is this event all about? Well, there’s actually quite a bit of things to see and do here, in addition to all the rides and attractions of LEGOLAND Florida.

These were the highlights for me:

THE LEGO Movie 4D A New Adventure Take Over – as you might have guessed the centerpiece of the event is the new LEGO Movie 4D which is a continuation of the wonderful LEGO Movie. The story this time around is connected to LEGOLAND which I really liked! It’s fun and charming and features the now infamous characters from the movie, joined by mysterious Risky Business (it’s not by chance that his name rings a bell…) and some amusing 4D effects. The movie itself screens every hour at Well Fargo theater in a kind of a nice red carpet style presentation. It’s a good idea to start your visit here as it will give a good context to everything else that goes on in the event.


After the movie you can start The LEGO Movie 4D Passport Adventure where you get a cute notebook with some questions about the movie and its surrounding for a chance to win a prize.


Character Meet and Greet – The cast of the LEGO Movie 4D show up in different places of the park and it’s a wonderful opportunity to take pictures with them! This was one of the highlights for me as I love those characters, they look terrific and very playful.

Me, Wildsyle and Emmet! They are huge :)

Me, Wildstyle and Emmet! They are huge 🙂


Unikitty and MetalBeard

About Unikitty- she has a place of her own at the Heartlake Hall and totally the star of all the Meet and Greets. She’s very cute (angry or not)!

Defeat Risky Business Build: MINILAND – the idea here is that you build your own creations and they are put on display for everyone to see. The cumulative power of all the visitors’ creations will supposably defeat Risky Business (hey, I’m a believer!). The display itself is very colorful and interesting to see what other people come up with.


Defeat Risky Business Build: MAINLAND featuring the visitor's creations

Defeat Risky Business Build: MINLAND featuring the visitors’ creations

Mystery Mural Build: MINILAND – this is basically a picture that is slowly revealed by attaching specific LEGO bricks onto a canvas of sorts.

IMG_6370 IMG_6369

Both Defeat Risky Business Build and Mystery Mural Build are at MINILAND so I suggest going there after the LEGO 4D movie. MINILAND itself is really nice. There some amazing models of different places and attractions in Orlando, Las Vegas, New York and from the Star Wars universe.


After visiting MINILAND I went to see one of the two shows at LEGOLAND called Battle for Brickbeard’s Bounty. It’s basically a play combined with a Ski water show with pirates. The kids went CRAZY with excitement each time a pirate/s appear behind the main stage doing all sorts of stunts.

Brickbeard makes his entrance!

Brickbeard makes his entrance!

MetalBeard’s Build Challenge is at Pirates’ Cove Imagination Pavilion, so if you saw the show it’s close by (MetalBeard himself shows up from time to time in his own area). The challenge is about building a pirates themed LEGO creation that should be as tall as possible for a chance to win a prize pack. The nice thing here is that you get this glossy good-looking double sided poster from the movie just for participating!



I love the LEGO video games so I went to check out Video Game Center: Pirates’ Cove Imagination Pavilion where you can play the LEGO Movie video game.


A great spot to have a short rest in between LEGOLAND’s attractions, rides and the special event areas is the historic Cypress Gardens. It’s a beautiful and really relaxing so I suggest going there to rest for a bit in the afternoon.



There is also a costume competition where kids dressed up as characters from the movie could win a prize. This is called: The LEGO Movie Star Search. However, one of the major highlights for me was:

Everything is Awesome Fireworks Finale – now we’ve all seen fireworks before, but I’m sure you haven’t seen a fireworks show with 3D Lego Bricks!! Kudos to LEGOLAND for its creativity. The show is synchronized to the wonderful soundtrack from the movie, but the star here is the 3D bricks effect. You put on special 3D glasses which turn those fireworks into 3D colorful bricks. The effect is very hard to replicate in video, but I tried to put the glasses over the camera in the last bit of the video. I guess you’ll have to see it with your own eyes! What’s more? These glasses work with any fireworks show, so you can keep them and be reminded of the event. It’s a terrific idea that’s well executed.

I had a lot of fun in the event. If you’ve ever wanted to visit LEGOLAND Florida– now is a wonderful time. You get to enjoy all the rides, shows and attractions and the event itself which is included in the price of admission. Everything IS awesome here so if you’re a brick-building fan and love LEGO The Movie – February is your month.


There is a very convenient ride to LEGOLAND that leaves from I-Drive 360 in Orlando (and returns). The price is only $5 per person and the cute LEGO station is a nice touch.




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